the beauty of buying local

Field-grown and fresh-picked snapdragons

Field-grown and fresh-picked snapdragons

how you benefit from buying local flowers

With so many places to conveniently pick up a bunch of flowers, why take the extra step to choose “grown not flown” flowers?

When you buy from your local flower farmer, you’re choosing:

  • Flowers that went from field to vase in a matter of a few days, at the most.

  • Flower varieties that aren’t often found in stores. Varieties chosen for color, fragrance, texture and shape.

  • Flowers that require only a simple paper wrapping for delivery.

  • Flowers that are grown with love and with a passion for quality & sustainability.

  • Flowers that provide a long-lasting beautiful piece of art that will delight you or a friend.

  • Flowers that help support and preserve local, small farms in your community.

  • Flowers that increase biodiversity and support the health of threatened birds and bees.

  • Flowers that truly make your corner of the world a healthier and lovelier place.

Did you know approximately 80% of the flowers sold in the U.S. are grown in and flown from South America? This means that the roses you often see in the floral department were sprayed heavily with a variety of harsh chemicals both during the growing season and also upon entering our country. Farms exporting flowers internationally have to choose varieties of flowers that have been bred to withstand long-distance shipping. Gone are the intoxicating scents & unusual colors of old-fashioned garden varieties. This also means that those flowers were harvested over a week ago and then shipped out of water using enormous amounts of plastic, paper & fossil fuels. We often think of fresh flowers as a splurge that only lasts for a few days, but that doesn’t have to be the case!

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Simply put, choosing locally grown flowers means you’re choosing a healthier and lovelier planet.